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Divyadristi Gochara (English)

Price List

While Natal Horoscope (Birth Horoscope) is an excellent tool for life prediction, it does not help much for predicting events to happen from time to time. Gochara (Transit) is one such technique which provides the facility to make prediction on daily basis. We have received large number of letters from Divya Dristi users to develop such package. Accordingly, we have developed Divya Dristi Gochara to help you in preparing daily Gochara Horoscope and prediction.

     Features of Divya Dristi Gochara:

  1. Birth Horoscope of two pages.
  2. Provides for Each Day :
    1. Nirayana Planetary position
    2. Planetary Position with KP Subs and House from Moon and Lagna
    3. Transiting Planet Position form Natal Planets
    4. Gochara Horoscope Using Natal Lagna
    5. Gochara Horoscope Using Natal Moon as Lagna
    6. Daily Prediction Based on Gochara Position of Each Planet.
  3. While making prediction, it takes into account five values -
    1. Bhava Value from Moon
    2. Sign Value
    3. Kakshya Value
    4. Ashtakvarga Value
    5. Sarvashtakvarga Value.
  4. Unique facility to enter your own prediction. You can add your own prediction or can modify the prediction provided by us.
  5. Can generate Daily Planetary Position, Gochara Horoscope and Prediction upto one year.
  6. Natal and Gochara Horoscope Style - North Indian and South Indian Ayanamsa - Lahiri, Raman, KP and Zero
  7. Gochara Horoscope for any date between 1900 AD and 2050 AD
  8. Calendar and Panchangam form 100 AD to 2999 AD
  9. A Powerful Calculator
  10. Biorhythmic Cycles upto 12 months
Price: Rs 750/- + 18% GST

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