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     Divyadristi Numerology
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     Divyadristi Prof 3.0
     Divyadristi Prof 2.1
     Divyadristi Numerology
     Sample Horoscopes

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     Divyadristi Prof 2.5
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Divyadristi Professional 2.1 (English)

Basic Features

[  Computation ]       [  Dasa Prediction ]      [  Life Prediction  ]

  • Default Types of Horoscopes given are 101. Each type of Horoscope contains Vimsottari Dasa.

  • For the first time in India, we have provided a unique facility to design your own Horoscope. This means you can design any number of horoscopes as per your requirement. You can define the name of Horoscope as well as the contents. Now, it is your choice whether to have FIVE types of horoscopes or FIVE THOUSAND types of horoscope.

  • We have also provided a unique facility to find date from Horoscope. Just enter the Rasi of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Rahu. Divya Dristi Professional will give the date of birth with +/- one day difference. If you enter Rasi of Moon in Navamsa, it will give date and time of Birth. The birth time should be +/- 4 hours for Lahiri Ayanamsa.

  • Planetary Position: Correct to Seconds (Most other products display seconds but with error in minutes). Results matches with JPL (best in the world).

  • Extended City Master: Comes with Extended City Master containing details of more than 2,40,000 cities.

  • Extended Vimsottari Dasa: Allows you to print Vimsottari Dasa up to Sixth Level (MahaDasa, Bhukti, AntarDasa, Sookshma Dasa, AntarSookshma and AtiSookshma).

  • Yogas: Many built-in Yogas with prediction.

  • Match Making: Based on 36 Gunas.

  • Horary Charts: Horary charts generated based on the number 1 to 249 given by user, date and place (also given by the user).
  • Panchangam with Search facility.
  • Yogi, Avayogi and Sahayogi: Longitude of Yogi, Avayogi and Sahayogi.
  • Biorhythmic Graph for 12 months.
  • Compute Sun Rise and Sun Set for a particular Place
  • Compute Time from Ghati Phal
Price: Rs 6000/- + 18% GST

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